Jana Sena Shatagni for Social Change

Jana Sena Chief architect Pawan Kalyan is focusing on creating a socially active platform called “Shatagni”. As a process of building a strong foundation for Jana Sena Party, Pawan Kalyan is keen in strengthening the party structure through social and digital platforms.

Pawan Kalyan is cautiously designing his strategy keeping the failure of Praja Rajyam as his mirror. Recently he starting party formation activities from Two regions of Telangana. In Hyderabad he met with few strategists and shared about his vision.

Pawan Kalyan clarified that winning of elections is not the only cause of Jana Sena and it is pre-mature to comment on which party will lead Telugu states after 2019 elections. He assumed that by the end of 2018, some clarity would be there on the strengths and weaknesses of political parties.

Pawan Kalyan recently met “Shatagni” (means a sharp weapon), social media team which would focus on spreading his party through social media. He also declared that he is ready for fight in Telangana.