Kamal is as good as comedian !

As long as your away from the politics you are safe.Once come out of it and starts going out to politics you have to be criticized like never before in your life.

Stars like Pawan Kalyan who have had a Superstar special status, now is being alleged by anyone.

Likewise, Superstar Kamal Hassan too is not an exception.Right after forming the party, he has been criticized by the opposition .

Amidst, in a campaign that has been taken place in Ottipidaram,Pudiyam Puttur Srinivasa Nagar, minister Rajendra Balaji has alleged Kamal Hassan Saying, Kamal Hassan came into politics only after losing the market in movies. Even at the age of 65 ,he has no knowledge in Politics. So far he enjoyed in the cinemas and after losing out the market there, joined politics.

People gather to see cinema stars, it doesn’t mean that they will choose them as politicians,People like this come and see even when comedian Odivelu comes here.

Whatever said and done ,People of Ottipidaram are the fans of Anna DMK.Hence,Balaji asked the Public of the constituency to vote for their candidate and ensure it’s victory, Balaji further confidently said.