Kodandaram party to fight KCR corruption

At last the JAC chief Prof Kodandaram after years of opposing the mainstream opponent KCR has launched a political outfit – Telangana Jana Samiti. Kodandaram a former APCLC leader-Maoist sympathizer – had to struggle for years to gain political identity after KCR dumped him out of the mainstream politics once the Telangana became a reality.

Kodand says that the new political entity will have a new flag by April 4th and foundation day meeting on 29th with focus on corruption in TRS ranks and also, of course, that of KCR family. But the moot question is whether there was space for another or second regional entity in Telangana.

It was on that count only TRS could successfully erase the TDP and keep the growth of Congress simmering as a non-entity even after its key role in state bifurcation and also a shunting away the seemandhra’s from Telangana soil

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