KTR thanks Handloom Ambassador Samantha

Telangana Minister KTR has reciprocated to Samantha who is the Handloom Ambassador of the State.

Overwhelmed with the announcement of SKOCH IT Minister of the year Award, Samantha congratulated KTR through Twitter :

KTR reciprocated to Samantha saying “Many Thanks”. Both KTR and Samantha have joined up in promoting Handlooms in Telangana and both of them are initiating many creative ways. It is seen that Handloom Industry has already seen a boost with the initiative. KTRs Handloom at least One day in a Week is also successful and Handloom Sales have also increased.

Mr.Vinod, a handloom entrepreneur in Hyderabad is overjoyed to see his sales increasing day on day and owes all the credit to IT Minister KTR for taking it as a personal interest.