Lokesh back after 17 days fund raising tour

Nara Lokesh is back after a 17-day tour of US and other nations including Davos where be made a debut as AP IT minister.

He landed at Vijayawada this morning after series of consultations with CEOs of MNCs exploiting his days at Stanford education and series of meetings with start-ups and Telugu associations in the US.

Even as the outcome of these meetings is still a big question mark, the efforts and agenda of the Nara scion are laudable in that walking in footsteps of his father Chandrababu Naidu Lokesh is leaving nothing to chance or fate.

Right from 2004 Lokesh has been the political and strategy associate of his father and has introduced new gimmicks in electioneering like ATM cards at polls and also e-transfer of subsidies to beneficiaries bank accounts to curb corruption and mafia handling of welfare activities.

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