Modi Government’s yet another sensational decision on cards

Modi’s Government is the strongest ever in terms of party strength. BJP has shown its power in establishing a robust government at the centre. It is determined to wash away Congress Party atleast for the next decade. Earlier governments were very fragile in due to multiple alliances. So virtually once can say Congress party’s chances are whitewashed in the near future. With this confidence, Modi government is taking few bold decisions in the context of reforms. Few such sensational decisions are Demonetisation, GST, daily price revisions of fuel prices etc.

Despite all of the decisions being anti-people, Modi Government’s strength and Modi’s charm have made people bound to them. As per the news from senior leaders in the centre, it is learnt that Centre is planning to lift off domestic gas subsidy. Modi has been pleading all the citizens through Mann ki Baat and all mediums to give up subsidy. As the response is meagre, it is learnt that subsidy will be lifted of soon. If Govt removes subsidy at a time, it has to face some resistance from the poor so it is planning to abolish subsidy in a phased manner.

Lets wait and see how another sensational decision will be taken by public.