7 Runaway train in India since 2015

It can happen only in India. A runaway train traveled backward for 15 kms with 1000 passengers on board without engine or its drivers near Titlagarh in Odisha, but none were injured.

The passengers on board Ahmedabad-Puri Express train on Saturday night had a close shave as at least 22 bogies rolled down backward for 15 km without the engine in Odisha’s Titlagarh, which could have resulted in a major mishap.

At around 10.05 pm on Saturday, 22 coaches of the Express train began rolling down towards Kesinga due to non-application of skid-brake on the wheels.This happened when the engine was detached from the train the routine reversal process at Titlagarh station. The pilot-less train rolled down for 15 kms and stopped around 11 pm outside the Kesinga railway station as upslope began

In November 2017 the disengaged engine of the Chennai-Mumbai train journeyed on its own for 13kms while at Wadi junction in Maharashtra. According to Indian Railway sources, there have been seven runaway train incidents in India since 2015.