Cong playing dirty with JD(S) in Karnataka now

After toppling their common enemy BJP, the Cong and JD-S are now fighting like dirty cats and dogs over sharing of the booty of forming a government in Karnataka.

JD-Sn chief Kumaraswamy has rejected the demand of the Congress for one deputy CM post for D K Shiva Kumar and 20 berths in the cabinet including home portfolio. But the Congress is stubborn and threatened to withdraw support if Kumaraswamy played tough.

Kumaraswamy knows that the odds were not in his favor and has decided to keep a low profile for the time being but has made it clear that he did not want DK in his cabinet at any cost. The Congress high command which is gloating over how it had marginalized the BJP to a loser from a winner has now arm-twisting the Kumaraswamy bandwagon.

Kumaraswamy has no option but to work on the dotted path shown by the Congress which has a 78 MLAs in Karnataka assembly against 37 of JDS and also is a poor orator and public speaker.T he 55 year old son of former PM Deve Gowda , the CM designate in Karnataka is also credited with having married a film star Radhika , in spite of his first wife Anita .