Congress game plan in Karnataka

The swearing in event of HD Kumaraswamy as Karnataka Chief Minister this evening has become opportunity for congregation of all anti BJP forces and personalities at Bangalore .

Sonia Gandhi,Rahul. Gandhi, Mamta Bannerjee,Akhilesh Yada,Mayawati,Chandrababu,, Sitaram Yechuri are all arriving in the first anti Modi platform successfully generated by the Congress by giving away CM pist and govt to Kumaraswamy.

Telangana CM has tactfully chosen to remain outside the Cong club by coming in morning ,blessing. Kumaraswamy and returning to Hyderabad early without waiting for the event showcasing all Modi victims.

By winning over JDS chief Kumaraswamy with the lure of CM post congress party has foiled emergence of the anti Cong front ahead of 2019 polls and thereby weaken the BJP and NDA game plan .