Kumaraswamy, A Puppet of Congress High command

Janata Dal(S) chief H D Kumaraswamy is all set to emerge as the 18th CM of Karnataka tomorrow at a glittering ceremony on the lawns of Vidhan Soudha where arrangements have been made for a crowd of over 30,000 to participate.

Kumaraswamy had ruled the state for 2-1/2 years when he tied up with BJP in 2004-008 term and was forced to give up, though he had refused to hand over power to BJP and same B S Yediyurappa in 2006-7.

Now after he made a u-turn and shook hands with the Congress, he got a second shot at Karnataka CM post, though he had only 37 MLAs in his stock. The congress which gave him support unconditionally now wants one or two Dy CM post, 20 berths in the cabinet ( including home ministry and 10 cabinet posts).

Though Kumaraswamy is a CM, he is just a puppet as the Congress Dy CM candidate D K Shiv Kumar will hold complete power in government and both the IAS and IPS will have to do the bidding of the Congress bosses