Pawan Starts Promotion On Twitter


Power Star Pawan Kalyan has initiated the plans to expand and develop his Janasena political party for the coming elections. The actor has been busy promoting the party and also urged the people to join his new platform Janaswaram which helps the people to participate in the party’s policy-making. Also, there is a separate portal provided for the NRI people as well. Janasena party is expected to take part in the active politics in the coming days.

Ichapuram Janasena Meeting Photos (6)

“Plz visit Janaswaram is a platform for the public to participate in policy making. We wish to listen to your opinions/ideas/suggestions on policy issues. NRI CONNECT is to reach out to the overseas support base we have across world. The attempt is to consolidate them on our platform & seek their mindshare.” Pawan Kalyan tweeted.