SC Verdict: VK Sasikala gets 4 years jail term


Finally, the most interesting chapter of Tamil Nadu politics comes to an end. The highest court of the country, Supreme Court, has given out the decision that VK Sasikala has been found guilty in Corruption case and ordered to surrender immediately at Chennai police station and the jail term is said to be for four years.

It is said that Sasikala has also been charged a fine of Rs 10 crores that has to be paid immediately if not the jail term might get extended. It is said that Supreme Court also ordered to restrain herself from politics for about 10 years.

However, the Sasikala camp is backing Palaniswamy and not O Panner Selvam even after the negative verdict. It is said that these two politicians would have to prove their MLAs count and the next CM shall be decided then by the Honorable Governor Vidyasagar.

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