APMEL belongs to Telagnana : KCR

After the Krishna water row, the AP and Telangana have logged in yet another battle over share in APMEL(Andhra Pradesh Heavy Machinery and Engineering Ltd), a subsidiary of the Singareni collieries.

Following claims staked by AP government, the Telangana Chief Secretary has countered it in a letter to the center and the CM KCR has also refuted the AP CM’s demand. He also condemned the report of the Shila Bhide committee which had given it to AP in all the assets and business share in the APMEL.

As per the statute, the Singareni held 81 % stake in APMEL and the Centre alone held 49% stake in the Singareni. However, APMEL belonged o AP in as much as per the principle of the sharing of 9th schedule institutions on the basis of whichever region it was located. But the Shila Bhide committee rejected that argument and gave to AP.