Pro – BJP strategy of KCR and Owaisi in Karnataka polls ?

Sri Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the Leader of opposition in TSLC has blamed the TRS Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao and the MIM chief Assaduddin Owaisi of communal support and sabotage, for the Congress defeat in the just concluded Karnataka elections.

Reacting to the outcome of the crucial Karnataka polls Sri Shabbir told a media conference at Gandhi Bhavan that both leaders had supported the Janata Dal(S) led by former PM Deve Gowda with their personal agenda of the new political front in the country which led to split of Muslim and Lingayat votes.

The true saffron colors of both TRS and MIM has been exposed in the Karnataka polls wherein they allegedly pumped money, muscle etc to split caste based votes between congress and the JD(S) .The MIM did not out up candidates in spite of strong Muslim bases and votes.

He said according to political observers the split of Muslim, dalit, AHIND caste combo caused by the influence of the MIM and the TRS in 10 Hyderabad – Karnataka districts had led to defeat of Congress .’ Virtually the TRS and MIM campaign in these districts by encouraging the JD(S) to contest in these regions had aided the BJP to get the edge ‘, he said .

The LOP said that it is time that the people realized the communal and un-secular colors of the TRS and its chief KCR who had made a secret deal with the JD(S) chief Deve Gowda whom he had met a fortnight before the polling and allegedly offered funds, men and muscle for them to campaign in north Karnataka district with Hyderabad as base . It is a well-known fact that the TRS government had offered hospitality, transport and also Telugu and Kannada speaking workers to campaign for JD(S) party in these districts.’

Beware of the communal colors of the TRS and MIM ‘ he cautioned the people and said that their unholy combination likely in 2019 would lead to the destruction of the secular and cosmopolitan culture that has been established in Telangana by the Congress party after several decades of struggle and campaign.