Telangana nativity decided

Henceforth nativity of Telangana will be decided not on how long you lived on the soil but by whether you have studied fro 1-7th standards in Telangana schools and not your years of residence in the region.

The nativity issue of Telangana has now been sealed by the state government on the basis of the recommendations of a Kadiam Srihari committee that not the years by the years of education be taken as the milestone in deciding the nativity of the person.

The Telangana state has also been divided into four zones( Dist. Zonal, Multi-zonal, State and three cadres (District, Zonal, and State for all administrative purposes.The new categorisations would deny nativity to thousands of migrants Andhra and also those from Odisha,Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, though they have lived for more than two decades.