Telugu man becomes important in Tamil politics


Tamil politics are taking different turns with each passing hour and suspense over who will become next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is continuing.

Both interim Chief Minister O Panneer Selvam and Jaya’s close friend Sasikala are making moves to become CM. In this high stakes political game, Tamil Nadu Governor C Vidyasagar Rao has become the main person to decide on the future course.

Both Panneer Selvam and Sasikala have met Vidyasagar Rao and urged him to give permission to prove their strength. But Vidyasagar Rao has not taken a decision yet and is carefully evolving various options.

Vidyasagar Rao is a Telugu man and hails from Telangana. He is an RSS man and is a senior leader of BJP. He even served as Union Minister of State in AB Vajpayee’s cabinet. Now this senior leader has become an important person in Tamil politics. Now everyone is eagerly waiting for his decision.

Vidyasagar Rao is considered an intelligent thinker and political analysts are expecting that he will come with an appropriate decision and steer Tamil Nadu in a proper direction in these turbulent times.

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