Time for Andhrajyothi alleged illegal construction !

It is known that CM Jagan has been picking up of the illegal constructions made in Andhra Pradesh. The government, which has already demolished a public forum built in contravention of the TDP government regulations in the capital, is also looking at other illegal structures in the Karakatta region.

Andhrajyothi, the leading daily newspaper of these illicit structures has also hit. The Godavari Development Authority (GUDA) has issued notices that the Galwaliam Sheet building has been constructed without permission in East Godavari district.

Guda said the printing press was built on a 1.75 acre two-storey building with no permits. It warned that the building should be evacuated as soon as it receives notices or otherwise take legal action.

Notice was issued to Vemuri Anusha, daughter of Andhrajyoti chief Vemuri Radhakrishna. The Provisional Order states that any objections to the matter should be responded to within a week’s time of giving notice.

It remains to be seen the further course of action.

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