TN Politics: Deepa supports OPS


The Tamil Nadu politics seems to take interesting turns with twists involved every minute. Even before the situation got settled, Sasikala has been ordered to leave to Bangalore which to a certain extent will affect the support to Palaniswamy.

On the other hand, Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa has taken the next step in her political career. She made it clear that her support is for Panneerselvam for the CM post. Deepa herself made it transparent that she has entered in the political arena officially.

So, it’s not only OPS v/s Sasikala but OPS+Deepa v/s Sasikala. Even though Sasikala won’t be present in person, her plans shall be implemented if MLAs who supported her a while ago exhibit the same loyalty.

Watch Deepa’s official announcement:

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