What a statement KCR Dora!


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is being criticized by one and all for constructing huge camp office and residence, while state is facing severe problems to fund various welfare schemes and development works.

KCR’s lavish spending to construct a palatial camp office for himself came up in Assembly on Tuesday. For that KCR gave reply to Opposition party leaders in his own style.

KCR said that the camp office and residence, which he made at Begumpet in a spacious land with all luxuries is not his property but people’s property. KCR further said that he constructed official residence on such a grand scale not for his own use, but to ensure that officials and visitors have sufficient place to review government programmes and meetings.

“If CM’s camp office is used for conducting official reviews and meetings, then what for is Secretariat?” Many may wonder like this, but none can ask KCR, because he has brought Telangana by even sacrificing his life.

Because KCR himself said in Assembly that, he achieved Telangana by going to the extent of sacrificing his life, obviously referring to the fact that he is not the one who craves for power and palatial bungalows.

KCR even advised Opposition party leaders, that his official residence is public property and one should not talk ill of it.

What a statement KCR Dora!