Who will really benefit from separate Telangana?

telanganaThe big question before centre and Sonia Gandhi is who the beneficiaries are if separate Telangana state is formed. In this process lot of brainstorming is happening in New Delhi and trying to understand the structure of state, the caste system and economics of the region.

Sonia as asked for understanding how the backward classes were brought into mainstream and given importance while the state of Andhra Pradesh was formed. She has also asked to understand if Telangana is given will the upper castes benefit.

The reason for this understanding has been taken up by high command because there is news that some leaders of the region have reportedly mentioned if Telanagna is formed the upper castes will dominate and lead the show so they prefer to have united state.

So this forms yet another angle to look at before taking any decision on bifurcation of the state.

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