Women Leaders at War of Words

MLA Roja is best known as a fighter cock for her open style comments and bold expressions. She attracts attention with her comments. Now Nandyal has become a battleground for war of words.

Responding to MLA Roja dragging Hindupuram MLA Balakrishna into a fresh controversy MLA Akhila priya strongly warned Roja not to bring Balakrishna into Nandyal election issue. Akhila Priya said while she was talking about MLC Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy and his comments, there was no need to talk about Balakrishna, Bonda Uma and Budha Venkanna and others.

Akhila Priya advised Roja to speak about Nandyal and its welfare only. Roja questioned whether Akhila Priya supports Balakrishna’s comments in cinema functions about kissing women and Bonda Uma criticizing her in Assembly and Budha Venkanna commenting on her movie roles.

Ahila priya later replied that she is ready to take any advise from Roja on politics and she is new to politics and needs to learn.

Like Nandyal every election is a battleground with war of words.