Review : Ongole Gitta

Ongole Gitta Telugu Movie Review, Rating

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Mirchi Rating : 2/5 

Language: Telugu
Genre: Action, Romance
Cast: Ram, Kriti Kharbanda and more..
Director: Bhaskar
Producer: B.V.N.S Prasad


There is nothing one can do to directors who had once earned a good reputation in the Telugu film industry. You feel sad and want to pity the way Bommarillu Bhaskar has executed this film. Infact he is known as Bommarillu Bhaskar because of the way he treated the film and the briskness with which he became a household name. Parugu was reasonably good but Chirutha kind of disappointed the audiences and now his crazy thinking goes a few notches higher He wanted to bring out the unfulfilled mass and commercial streak in him and used his experiment on Ram in the form of Ongole Gittha. Let’s see how he treated the story.

Aadikesavulu (Prakash Raj) is the chairman of Ongole Market Yard and he gets a good reputation amongst the farmers there due to his wonderful performance as a good man, when he is actually a third rate human. His desire is to shift the market yard to another place which will fetch him 200 crores but White (Ram) becomes a stumbling block and also challenges him that if he has to forgo his participation or candidature in the race for the chairman’s post Aadikesavulu should give his daughter Sandhya (Krithi) in marriage to him. While Aadikesavulu agrees to the deal, he secretly plots to hack the market yard and also see his daughter doesn’t get married to White. Who wins the fight? What is White’s real name? Why did he come to Ongole? Who is the force behind him? Read on.

Ram is not new to mass roles and films, but Bhaskar definitely is. With this he must have surely had an inkling as to what a mass movie is all about…that there should be coarseness in the language, a liquor bottle in every character’s hand and they should dance to hard core mass tunes. He didn’t muster the courage to write a new story so he followed the formula route. It is a revenge drama, nothing new but the novelty lies in bringing an old story and dumping it in a market yard. He thought he had given a separate and a unique characterisation to each of the characters and dragged them to the climax. By the time you wind up with the movie, you run the risk of going crazy with Prakash Raj.

Politics in the market yard, hero’s mischief behaviour, romance all this is fine but as it takes off and proceeds the patience of the audience shrinks, if this is not enough Prakash Raj strips to the core and drives the audience mad. Just not once, he gives us a Digambara Swami Darshan umpteen times. What is the purpose behind it? Is it a new concept in villainy? Or his love for Tamil movies? The entire film has a Tamil flavour, and look. Just because Ram appears once in a while it is okay otherwise you get a feeling that you are watching a dubbing film with Prakash Raj, Prabhu etc occupying the entire screen.

Krithi Karbandha shows she lacks identity not like Genelia in Bommarillu, she also behaves like Hasini in Bommarillu and does quite a lot of over action.But who hasn’t crossed the limits Ram including? After engagement and before marriage, if there is anything a couple should indulge in, they should discuss it between themselves, here for a change Ram talks about tiffins, dinners and whispers all this in granny’s ears and my god what expressions she comes up with! All you do is staring at the watch hoping the film winds up fast.

Looks like Ram is tired of imitating Pawan Kalyan so this time he imitates Ravi Teja. There is no greatness in the literature, all the characters have gone over board with their performances. Ram as usual tried something new with hsi dances, the film looks rich enough but there isn’t enough matter in it. Most of the film was shot in the chilli market yard in summer, looks like the heat of the yard crept into the creator’s brains and the effect is very visible on the hapless audiences today. God save those saw the film!

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 Mirchi Rating : 2/5                                     – Swathi

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