Review : Ko ante Koti

Review : Ko ante Koti

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Starcast : Sarwanand, Priya Anand, Srihari and others

Music : Shaktikanth karthik

Producer : Sarwanand

Direction : Anish Kuruvilla

Ko-Ante-Koti-Movie-Review 4Cinema is indeed a business but it has become a gamble now. It has become worse than a game of cards, spending money on stories that lack sensible content and logic and spending crores despite knowing that it is a useless plot. A film is meant not to show a director’s intellectual levels but to entertain and satisfy the audience. Not knowing this simple matter Sharwanand spent crores on Ko Ante Koti. He has turned producer with this movie, one feels since he is known to be having the knack of selecting good stories he will definitely choose a good story as a producer too. Also since he has roped in a director who made a ‘classic’ like Avakai Biryani we tend to think that Sharwanand might have made his calculations. Let’s see what’s there and what is not there in the film.

Ko-Ante-Koti-Movie-Review 2Maya (Srihari) is a thief and his name is recorded in the police stations and this time he eyes on something big on a diamond house where crores are stashed in the locker. To succeed in that execution he needs help from others. He ropes in Chitti, Bujji and the third one Vamsi in his gang and promises to divide the booty once they land their hands on it.The four thieves have their own four stories to tell but their common point is their thirst for money. Vamsi (Sharwanand) is also a thief and his forte is to climb any kind of buildings with ease and stays away from stealing for sometime. Maya forces him, pleads him and unwillingly he joins in his gang. The plotting and planning takes place and they get their money but Maya kills Chiiti, Bujji and shoots Vamsi and flees with the booty.

Ko-Ante-Koti-Movie-Review 1Another gang of thieves take away Satya (Priya Anand) who is Vamsi’s lover and will leave her only when they get the money. Now Vamsi goes in search of Maya, did he find Maya and what happens to Vamsi’s love story? The film doesn’t follow a formula of a fight and a song, it revolves around the burglary, the money. The film begins with Sharwanand’s voice over and he introduces every characters. Screenplay in such films is very important, the end result is predictable in the first few scenes itself.. in this context it had fallen off the tracks. Except Srihari and Sharwanand there is no other character that we get familiar with, that is followed by Vamsi’s love story. That too is not given a good treatment. Some dialogues are too mass and scenes too raw. Tamil films mostly show such raw scenes without polishing them but there will be something attractive about it, but here that point goes missing.

Ko-Ante-Koti-Movie-Review 3Heist stories need a mind game, the hero should be intelligent enough to solve the puzzles and remove the knots but you find none of it here. There are unnecessary scenes, we do not know if Vamsi is a changed person or not finally, there is no clarity. None of the performances are worth talking about and when the story is not strong enough what can any actor of calibre do? Technically the film is so so, RR is bad, we do not understand the lyrics in the song, editing is lazy and many scenes are left just like that. The director lacks skill, technique, you are done if you go to the film just because you like Sharwanand.Stay away from this film if you want to remain sane.

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 Mirchi Rating : 2.25/5                                     – Swathi

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