Review : Nagaram- Thrilling

nagaram-movie-reviewTelugu Mirchi Rating : 3/5

Young hero Sundeep Kishan who is in his rough phase of acting career seems much determined to test his luck for another time. This week his movie Nagaram is all set to release and here is the review of it.


It is a quadra-track story which includes Sundeep Kishan, a guy next door and Regina Cassandra who gets kidnapped by a rowdy fellow. The other three stories get merged into the happening life of Sundeep and Regina and how does everything fall in place? Why was Regina kidnapped? What happened in the other tracks of story? How is Sundeep related to Regina? Is the remaining story. On the whole, it is a new approach with thrilling and gripping screenplay.

Realistic scenes

Drag in narration
Unnecessary scenes in first half

Cast Performance:

Sundeep Kishan, has become a part of the film shedding his hero image and looked completely realistic. His action was cool going and looked apt for the reckless youth character. Regina Cassandra has nothing much to offer to audience as her character is designed in such a way.

Other characters have done justice to their role and must be appreciated for emoting scenes as per the story flow.

Technical Aspects:
The crime thriller has some great technical values. The camerawork is beyond words and has been so pleasing to watch on screen. The BGM is another asset which takes a usual thriller to the next level. The production values are top notch and were apparent on screen. The art design needs a special mention.

Director Lokesh looks promising as the movie keeps in grip audience attention throughout and doesn’t bore you even for a second. However, few unnecessary scenes must have been chopped off. Director believed in portraying the movie in the most realistic way possible which must be appreciated.

Telugumirchi Analysis:
Sundeep Kishan was waiting to deliver a hit, and this movie has that stuff to score nothing less than a super hit. The movie has good dosage of thrill, fun and realistic feel that can make the movie run at the Box Office.

It isn’t like a regular crime thriller but the complexity that has been clearly convinced by director must been appreciated. This can be a good choice for a movie this weekend. What are you waiting for?

Telugu Mirchi Rating : 3/5

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