Review : Shatruvu

Review: Shatruvu

Mirchi Rating : 1.5/5

Shatruvu Telugu movie review, Rating

Srikant has earned the reputation of being a family hero, in fact the stories suit him too. A film like Kadgam did wonders to his career, it brought out the mass elements he was capable of eliciting from his performance but at the same time it worked as a deterrent. Just because a particular genre he tried was a hit we can’t expect him to perform with the same flourish. With the success of Kadgam, he had accepted many similar mass roles but all of them are stopping short of victory. The same thing had happened with Satruvu too.

Shankar (Srikant) can’t identify the difference between the good and bad and goes to any extent to make money. If he accepts a deal, he will implement it even if it means he has to give up his life. At this juncture Anu (Aksha) steps into the scene, she wants him to give her protection for a week and is ready to pay a handsome amount every day till the one week period. Again that is on one condition, she doesn’t want Shankar to question her or seek details but in the process she reveals the names of a few who are indulging in unethical practice, corruption and injustice. A Mayor’s (Rehman) gang is stalking her, wanting to kill her and everytime she escapes or is helped by Shankar. Once Srikant almost dies and asks her sternly as to who she is and why certain people are behind her life. Aksha reveal all, how she is related to the Mayor and what went wrong.

This is not a strong story, you get to see some flashes of resemblance from NTR’s Ooservelli. One wishes that despite being an old story, there could have been a fresh approach to it, but it is not to be. Anu’s flashback is weary and despite there being a chance to bring out entertainment the director fails in the job. Raghu Babu works too hard on tickling the audiences but since it is a routine role and the dialogues lack punch, his entire part fell flat. He has been given absolutely cheap dialogues to reel off and it is a sheer waste of time to expect anything fresh from Srikant. Instead of sticking to his style, he’s been constantly imitating Chiranjeevi from the past few movies. Is he thinking of filling the void left by Chiranjeevi?

Aksha had a crucial role in the film and couldn’t utilise that opportunity to show her talent. Rehman is strictly okay and there is not much to discuss about the rest of the cats. The songs only force you out for a break or probably run away but technically the film is good. Lucky, Devaraya, Sevakudu flopped miserably at the box office. If you go to Satruvu expecting something better, all you realise is that the former three films are far better than this. The entire team becomes an enemy to the audience, so stay away from this enemy.

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Mirchi Rating : 1.5/5                                     – Swathi

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