Cricketers complaint on Anil Kumble to BCCI

BCCI that is hunting to appoint a new coach to the Indian Cricket team as Anil Kumble’s tenure will be completed by June 20th has received a shocking reply. Young cricketers have gone against coach Anil Kumble who has been strictly treating the players during the practice sessions. More than 10 players have complained about Kumble’s way and said that he turns as a ghost if any players doesn’t attend the practice session.

Many senior opined that it was because of Anil’s rigorous practice that the team was able to win so many matches and stood unbeatable even during the hardest of times. They added that it is coach’s duty to maintain that kind of discipline during the game and practice. So, looks like Anil has no second chance and others who are in the race are now becoming aware of what our boys want!