CT’17: Pak draws flake for losing to India

The Champions Trophy 2017 witnessed a historic fight between India and Pakistan, while Pakistan’s negligence in the game was crystal clear and that’s when the whole fun element was missing. Few senior Pakistan players and analysts criticized the Pak team for the poor performance.

Senior politician turned cricketer Imran Khan said that it was sad to see Pak perform so poorly even without chasing the target to an extent. He said that the winning and losing is part of the game while Pak team did not put it’s heart and soul to play the match which was evident. He added that even though the team members had the capacity to play well, they didn’t take the risk and if this continues Pak is sure to lose all the games against India.

Another cricketer Afridi said that there has been a growing gap of performance between India and Pakistan from a few years now and this shouldn’t be carried on. Former Captain Wasim Akram said that even if Pak team had 15 players, it wouldn’t have won the match and the players performance was really poor.

So is Pak team reflecting on this and started working on their flaws?