Rift between Kohli and Ashwin

Indian Cricket team Captain Virat Kohli confirmed the news of having issues with spin bowler Ashwin Ravichandran that are confined only to the bowling aspects and nothing in the team selection. Virat said that Ashwin is an intelligent bowler while his strategies might fail at times which lands up the team in loss. As part of Champions Trophy that held, Ashwin has not been roped in to the final list of players and there were many speculations of Virat and Ashwin having some serious issues.

Virat said that depending on the game’s situation players are taken in to the team and so even Ashwin did not have any issue for not roping him into the team when it was India v/s Pak. He lauded Ashwin for being one of the best professional players till date. Looks like the rift is confined to ground alone and nothing really personal. It’s good to know!