Airtel and Jio War, users benefitted

With the ongoing war between Reliance Jio and Airtel customers are likely to benefit more financially.

Reliance Jio is likely to expand its broadband internet through fibre. In some areas, testing is being successfully done. Sensing this threat, Airtel has announced bumper offers to its customers.

Airtel has launched Bonus Data Offer. With this offer, new customers will get additional 1000 GB data. Airtel has also launched low cost phone starting from Rs.899. Along with this phone offer, users will be given 60 GB data per month and an additional 500 GB data per Annum. As per Airtel website, this plan speeds will be upto 40 Mbps. In another phone offer of Rs.1099 plan, monthly 100 GB data and a bonus of another 1000 GB is being offered.

Are you an Airtel Customer? So, this bumper Offer is yours. Rs.1299, Rs.1499, Rs,1700 plans would also be given 1000 GB bonus. Oops, these offers are not for existing customers. These are for new customer.

With Jio effect, many reputed operators are planning counter measures. They are literally in a war of acquiring new customers.