Drones for food delivery coming to India

There will be revolutionary changes in the door delivery process. The world’s most famous Google company has taken the first steps towards this. Known for innovative feats, Google has been successful in using drones instead of humans to deliver ordered goods. The facility was opened in the US.

Google has also received permission from the US government to provide this type of service in the country. These services are provided by the company’s Alphabet unit. These services are called Wing Numbers, where the FedExpress and Walgreens companies deliver goods via drones.

Usually, people are used to the delivery and it takes more time with traffic implications. Drone Delivery overcomes these obstacles and delivers the goods in the shortest possible time. The drone travels at speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. The drone is equipped with software and sensors that can be used on aircraft to make the journey go smoothly. It is reported that the drone delivery system is coming soon in India.

However,Some say operating drone systems are not easy in India due to logistics that requied is not so adequately available and the real time operations will day a big challenge.