Many other Records by Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has strongly determined to stay on top in Telecom industry and Digital Arena. Ever since its launch, it is creating new records and breaking existing ones. Its entry made all other operators shiver with its aggressive market strategy.

Freshly, “My Jio App” has reached a new milestone. With the shortest span, it attracted 10 Crore downloads. With this, it registered a 9th place in “Top 10 Free Android Apps”. Achieving this milestone within just One year is remarkable, says Karthik, a digital media analyst.

My Jio App is useful in many ways. User can officially recharge their prepaid phones. They can check account balance. Along with My Jio App, Jio 4G Voice, Jio TV Apps have crossed 50 million download marks. Jio Music App, Jio Cinema, Jio Money Wallet, Jio Chat have more than 10 Million downloads.

With this pace, Reliance Jio is certainly going to break all the existing records and remain a digital leader.

If you haven’t yet downloaded, these are the links :

Download My Jio App

Download Jio TV

Download Jio 4G Voice

Download Jio Music

Download Jio Cinema

Download Jio Money Wallet App

Download Jio Chat App

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