Men did it more than women


E-commerce company Flipkart released a report titled Flip Trends 2016, revealing various details and trends about online buyers.

In the Flipkart’s report it was revealed,t men does more shopping online than women. Shopping is a favourite word for women and men dread it. But that’s just for offline shopping. In case of online shopping, through e-commerce sites, men overtook women.

Among all the buyers who made purchases through Flipkart in the year 2016, 60 percent were men. They bought mostly electronics, clothing, footwear and other category goods. In case of age group, most of the buyers were between 25 and 35 years.

In case of cities, which have done more purchases though online, Delhi-NCR stood in the first place, proving that Delhi people prefer e-commerce most. Metros like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad also shown good interest in e-commerce.

Flipkart observed the buying preferences of about 10 lakh online shoppers to come up with this report.

Flipkart is considered the largest e-commerce company and online shopping platform in India.

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