Stunning feature in Whatsapp soon

Whatsapp is adding interesting features day on day. Now a stunning feature is soon to be added to Whatsapp. As of now we can only save messages which were sent. Only photos, videos and other files are stored in phone memory. Henceforth all the text messages received and sent could be saved with this new feature.

This feature was earlier in IOS phones only and now Android users can also utilise this feature. Steps to activate this feature :

1. Go to Settings
2. Select ‘Data and Storage’
3. Select ‘Usage’
4. Click “Storage Usage”
5. All the information will be stored in phone storage.

Alongwith messages, Photos, Videos, Audios, GIF files, Applications, Contact Cards, Documents and any other information can be securely stored. We may delete unnecessary messages also through ‘Manage Messages’ option.

This amazing feature is being welcomed by many whatsapp users.

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