Will Yotaphone 3 beat Yota 2 sales ?

Russian YotaPhone debuted in 2013 with a innovative take on the smartphone that included a power-efficient E Ink display for notifications and reading e-books on the smartphone’s back.

The concept was well-received despite poor execution in the first attempt. The YotaPhone 2 launched in 2014 with a better Snapdragon 801 processor but came with a huge price tag of $860.

Now exactly after four years , the YotaPhone 3 will reportedly be launched this year with a affordable price tag. The 64GB model will cost $350, while the 128GB model will cost $450, according to reports from Russian media following the China-Russia tech expo in Harbin.

According to the company YotaPhone 3 would be launching in China in September of this year and start pre order in Russia at the same time . For the time being this phone would only be available in Asia.

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